A Tribute Gift for Your Loved One

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What we do at Designer Tributes, is to create a one-of-kind family heirloom to honor your most important occasions and relationships.

Who we do this for:  is for the person who wants to honor a cherished loved one; from a son or daughter seeking to honor their parents, regardless of the relationship to the honoring of our Greatest Generation of War Veterans who faithfully served our Nation.

​Why we care:  is because we seek to make a difference for families and to inspire others to honor their loved ones with a gift for a lifetime. We also want to share an accelerated process that took us years to complete but clients benefit in less than 8 weeks.

Why should others care:  is because we solve the problem of communicating heart felt honor with the below top three benefits.  It also solves the problem of an unmet need to honor parents and helps people who are looking for more than a gestured way to honor a love one with a lifetime gift. Communicating heart felt honor to our to our cherished loved ones can be difficult to do and more challenging for them to ask for it.

Client benefits:  for both the giver and the receiver -1) a loved ones visual pride -- high quality display of mementos and stories -- 2) a proven accelerated process completed in less than 8 weeks that otherwise can take years to complete -- 3) a communications tool on how and where to start the conversation with results -- a centralized and organized gallery of memories with a story -- a wall mountable life story for all to see a symbol of honor -- it melts the hearts of a loved one who wants to be honored but will not ask -- a life with No regrets for words left unsaid.

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We help others honor their loved ones, create a custom-made family heirloom and make a difference in their lives.  Events significant for a tribute to your loved are:

Special Occasions

For Special occasions: to celebrate Milestone Birthdays, Transitions, Star Holiday Events/Gifts.


For Anniversary: celebrate 80th+ Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Retirement Gifts.

Mother's/Father's Days

For Mother's/Father's Day: Parents Day, other holidays, Family Reunions

Why a Tribute?   We help to solve an unmet need to honor our cherished loved ones today.  In our contemporary society, often busy people may not know how nor where to start to show honor to someone special, especially with time constraints and in complex family communications.  Our designed communications tool makes it easy to collaboratively create a quality custom made gift for your most important relationships.

Our high quality, 3-dimensional assemblage, custom designed tributes result in an heirloom gift of honor for your loved one.  We offer a pragmatic benefit of a centralized and organized gallery of memories, capturing the most heart felt moments, digitizing your pictures and designing your relationship story into a wall mounted 3D original artwork with vignettes preserving your memories for your loved one.  We offer a message of hope, honor and transformation with the perfect gift for special occasions, repairing your relationships or memorializing a loved one.  

Located in Northern Virginia, we create a one of a kind family heirloom; a lifetime gift that keeps on giving. 

Our Promise to our customer:  a proven process, on time delivery, affordably priced with high quality.