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How I Honored My Father

Our Story:

So there I was at my Dads house after moms funeral and he asked to keep moms  tribute;  how could I turn him down?

The concept history, of Designer Tributes unperceived by us, started in 2005, after reading the book “The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Parents” by Dennis Rainey because it spoke to us about honoring your parents. While serving in a  military career, over the next year plus, I read the book and began writing and pulling information together but filed it aside.  However, my Mom’s health became worse with diabetic complications and in early 2007, I felt led and committed to finish her tribute so as to present it to her as a 2007 Mother’s Day gift.  Her mobility had become limited (with a wheel chair) and at that time she was a resident in a nursing home. She enjoyed visits with Dad, so I decided to present it to her at Dad’s home before dinner.  As I read it aloud, Mom was so humbled at receiving her tribute; she cried and asked “who is this tribute talking about?”  “I just said Mom it’s you and I’m so grateful to God for you being my Mom and helping me to honor you in this way”.  Two months, later at age 74, God called her home. We had her memorial service and displayed her tribute at the funeral home.

My Dad liked Moms tribute so much, he asked if he could keep it and I agreed.  When I later saw he had placed it on his living room wall in Atlanta for all to see who came into his home, I knew it was a gentle nudge for me to start one for him.  However, there were matters of my heart and childhood memories of my Dad that I had to work through before I could complete my Dad’s tribute.  After much prayer and work and with my husband’s help, we filmed and presented my Dad’s tribute to him in August 2013 for his 82nd birthday.  He proudly displayed it on his living room wall next to Mom’s tribute for all to see who came into his home.  The reconciliation and transformation were additional benefits as God called my Dad home in December 2014, just 17 months after completing his tribute. 


Through completing and presenting my Dad’s tribute, God in advance had prepared my heart for healing in our relationship. …and He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers…(Malachi 4:6)  I was comforted in knowing that I had completed the past with my Dad by having prepared and presented his tribute over a year prior to me being called (and able) to serve him wholeheartedly over several months of declining health and through his final life days.

My husband  was touched, moved and inspired after experiencing the tribute gift process with my Dad, to complete his tribute in 2013 to honor his Dad who died in 1994.  His Fathers tribute memorialized their life experiences and relationship together. 

As Founder/Co-Founders:  we are Army retired successful officers with graduate degrees, certified in systems research, designing, program management, systems engineering and applied ontology.    We work incredibly well together and understand the power of designing a tribute of honor. 

Our transition:  in experiencing this incredible gift, we began to share what happened within our circle of family and friends resulting in strong interests from our connections and community to help them create a tribute for their parents and loved ones.  Interests range from the military Chaplains office, those in life transitions, medical - nursing homes/ hospitals/ hospice, religious communities, men’s bible studies to yoga instructors, etc.  Today we are taking on clients and setting up appointments to guide clients in this process that took us years to complete but our clients benefit in less than 8weeks with a gift for a lifetime.